Build an efficient communication platform between venue owners and customers.

Dynamic digital signage is becoming more and more popular in hotels, resorts, restaurants, and casinos.

Deployment Concepts:

  • Front Desks or Receptions: Display corporate image, room tariff, currencies/exchange rates, updated news, special events or promotions, greetings for organizational or special guests, manager’s name, messages for guests, and general information (weather, sports, market data, etc.)
  • Outside Conference Rooms: Content displayed includes daily occupancies and events, current conference information (name, time, subject, etc.)
  • At Bars: Content displayed includes real-time sport games & TV programs, advertisements and special offers.


Setup a central network of advertisements to even the largest chain retail store.

Retailers, at the end of the supply chain, have a significant influence on customers' decisions and satisfaction.

Deployment Concepts:

  • Advertising Digital Signage: Digital signage in malls, chain stores, and shops can display news, promotions, announcements, open hours, and special offers to targeted audiences (customers and employees).
  • Integration with Retailers’ Existing Systems: Administrators can update live information, e.g. prices or product descriptions, manually via the Internet. They can also integrate LCM's products with retailers' database or inventory management system to launch suitable advertising programs automatically based on the inventory status in stores.
  • Interactive Digital Signage: The content can include interactive information, such as: questionnaires, product introductions, floor plan/facilities of a mall and e-catalogs.


Replace traditional bulletin board postings.

Differentiate your school’s image and utilize advanced multimedia and network technologies to set up an internal information channel for students, teachers, staff, and visitors.

Deployment Concepts:

  • Digital School Bulletin Board: Screens at front gates, along corridors, beside stairs, and in front of elevators can convey school information and news, such as: announcement, school timetable, promotion of speeches, seminars, or activities, greetings and messages for guests, and the display of students' multimedia (art) works.
  • Interactive Information Stand: Students and visitors can check information via the interactive digital signage system, such as campus guide (map, departments, and facilities).
  • Conference Information: Screens outside conference rooms can display daily occupancies, events, and current conference information (name, time, subject, etc.).


Provide a perfect communication platform to convey powerful and entertaining messages.

The entertainment industry faces a tough audience who demands more dynamic, colorful and instant content to hold their attention.

Deployment Concepts:

  • Sports Arenas: Displays can be used to broadcast live games on large LED displays, presenting every detail of the game, and on LCD screens at snack bars, ensuring that fans can watch the game while they are standing in line. This dynamic system is also a perfect vehicle for promotions or sponsors in gift shops, food stands, and throughout the stadium.
  • Casinos: Digital signage solution can act as an advertising system to promote hotels, pubs, shows, restaurants, spas, and all related events in a casino via outdoor billboard or indoor digital displays. It can also convey frequently changing information, such as wayfinding and conference information.
  • Movie Theaters: Displays in the theater lobby can promote all current and upcoming movies. Furthermore, theater managers can sell time on the display to other advertisers to generate more revenue. Installing digital menu boards in concession stands is also one good application for digital signage. Besides just showing a simple price list, it can also present rich, lively promotions to boost sales.


Keep your workforce together and reinforce identity.

Keep employees aware of all updated progress in each department, recognize the outstanding performance of employees, and even can reinforce corporate culture.

Deployment Concepts:

  • Improve Training and Education: Digital signage can be used to reinforce employees’ training and increase the effectiveness of training by repetitively displaying that information or message on screens.
  • Update Information: It is always a great challenge for a bigger company to develop effective internal communications. Digital signage can deliver dynamic, up-to-date information. It attracts employees’ attention and keeps everyone updated on a major policy change or all the recent progress in each division and department.
  • Reinforce Corporate Culture: With the aid of modern digital signage system, CEO can regularly address employees and broadcast messages on all the company’s displays to reinforce the company’s corporate culture.


Grab the attention of people when they are on the go.

Effectively get more travelers' attention with vivid contents and become a practical marketing platform for advertisers in public transportation areas.

Deployment Concepts:

  • Airport: Digital signage network can be used to convey updated flight information, announcements, and emergency messages at the boarding gate, check-in counter, and other public spaces inside the airport. Retail shops, restaurants, baggage claim areas, and boarding gates in the terminal also provide a good platform for advertisers to promote their products and brand image.
  • Bus & Taxi: Screens inside a bus can provide news, announcements, and promotions of local companies. With 3G, advertisements can be run depending on your current location.
  • Ferry and Cruise: Digital menu board can be deployed in snack bars and restaurants. Displays in the shop areas and at the entrance can present eye-catching promotions of products, services, and events. Live information, such as weather and news, can also be useful and entertaining to passengers during the trip.